Country Village Apartments
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Things to Do

Country Village Apartments is within walking distance
of many things you do on a regular basis...

Grocery Store
Chinese Food
Tanning Salon
Hair Salon
Video Store
Hardware Store
Day Care
Golf Course
Convalescent Center


Durand has a rich railroading history.  For more information, visit Railnet,
the official website of the legendary railroad capital of Mid-Michigan.


Durand Area Schools

Grace Evangelical Church and School
4269 South Durand Road
Durand, Michigan 48429
(989) 288-4698
Grades Preschool - 8th. 


Please visit the Shiawassee Regional Chamber of Commerce website for church listings.

For more information about the Durand area, please visit:

The Durand Area Chamber of Commerce
100 W. Clinton St., Durand, MI 48429
(989) 288-3715
E-mail Address:  


Durand Depot

Downtown Durand

Country Village Apartments
8940 Monroe Rd - Marseille House #3 - Durand, MI  48429
(989) 288-6825 - (989) 288-2731 Fax


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